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The Working Genius Podcast with Patrick Lencioni

Feb 16, 2022

We use the Working Genius model as a guide for how we show up to work.  This week, Pat, Cody and Beau discuss how you can apply it to your job as a parent.  

Jan 21, 2022

In previous episodes, we've talked about the altitude of each Genius, the 3 stages of work, regulating your Genius, and the Genius of meetings.  What do you get when you roll all of these concepts together?  A new Working Genius framework that applies to any conversation at work.  

Jan 7, 2022

Perhaps the most immediate benefit of the Working Genius model is how it allows us to overcome the fundamental attribution error.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy discuss how we can replace judgement and toxicity on our teams with understanding and grace.  

May 18, 2021

For too long we thought about burnout as it relates the to the amount of work on our plate.  Pat and Cody discuss how the Working Genius provides a new paradigm for thinking about burnout as the type of work we are engaged in.

May 5, 2021

Should we be using our areas of Genius all the time?  Pat and the team discuss why regulating our Genius in certain situations can serve our teams and families.