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The Working Genius Podcast with Patrick Lencioni

Jan 25, 2023

How can we stop ourselves from feeling bad about the things we aren't naturally gifted at?  This week, Pat, Beau and Matt discuss the different types of guilt that are associated with each Working Frustration, and why this guilt is unnecessary.  


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Jan 11, 2023

Everyone has Working Geniuses, Competencies and Frustrations, but these are not the only measures that describe us as people.  This week, Pat, Cody and Beau discuss the dangers of overprescribing our Working Genius results, and why it's important to always consider a variety of factors when analyzing our tendencies and...

Dec 21, 2022

Since this is the last episode of the year, Pat, Cody, Tracy and Beau reflect on how far the Six Types of Working Genius has come in 2022.  Then, the team discusses a way to audit our roles through the lens of the Working Genius model as we enter 2023.   


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Dec 7, 2022

The best type of leader is always a self-aware one, however that doesn't mean certain Working Geniuses aren't sometimes better suited for specific organizations, roles, or situations.  This week, Pat, Cody and Tracy discuss the difference between responsive and disruptive leaders.  

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Nov 18, 2022

The holidays can be frustrating, and planning for them is work.  This week, Pat, Cody, Tracy and Beau discuss how the Working Genius model can be used to spark meaningful conversations and alleviate stress during this holiday season.

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